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Welcome to Bret Harte
Athletics & Booster Club

Making an impact by enriching our students' educational experiences

Bret Harte Booster Club is a parent volunteer run organization. We hold monthly meetings and invite you to attend and get involved in our great organization that supports athletics, clubs, and physical education. BHBC supports many sports and clubs to suit your students interest.

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Bret Harte Booster Club supports many sports and clubs to suit your student's interests. 

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Clubs scheduled to start at the end of September. Maximum of 30 students per club. Students would submit an application to start a club. If the club is approved, students then find a teacher to moderate the club, and moderators receive a small stipend from the Booster Club. More to come soon about the application process.

Calendar Pages


Please note: This Bret Harte Student Activities Calendar is maintained by Bret Harte administration. Bret Harte Booster Club is not responsible for the accuracy of its contents. When in doubt, please refer to emails sent by team coaches for most accurate information for practices and meets/games.

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