Bret Harte Middle School Athletes, Parents & Guardians
Congratulations on making a BH athletic team! The Bret Harte Booster Club is proud to support you and your team. 

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After your athlete’s season is over, please remember to immediately wash and return the borrowed team uniform to the coach (within three days of the season ending). Unfortunately, athletes will need to be charged for uniforms that are not returned. 


Did you know...
The Booster Club provides academic, social, and/or athletic benefits to all students. More than 800 students directly participate in a Booster Club activity. In addition to funding over a dozen athletic teams and 20 extra-curricular clubs, the Booster Club supports the physical education department by providing equipment for all students to use. The Booster Club, along with the Community Club and ASB, also fund campus improvements: the marquee sign, school sound systems, band instruments, and more. For additional information or to volunteer for the Booster Club, contact Also, please consider supporting us by making a donation today by filling out the bottom of this handout and stapling your donation to it. Thank you in advance for your contribution! 

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BRONZE MEMBER: $100 to $199 SILVER: $200 to $399 GOLD MEMBER: $400 to $600

Bret Harte Booster Club Donation
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Donations to Bret Harte Booster Club are optional and will not affect acceptance for any sport at Bret Harte. Regardless of your donation choice, please turn in this form to your coach or Sylvia Orlowicz in Students Services before the end of the first week of practices. Once the team roster has been set and practices have begun, donations cannot be refunded. Thank you for supporting Bret Harte Athletics! Your donation is tax-deductible.

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