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2022 - 2023  STUDENT CLUBS



Film Reels

Marvel Movie Club
Mr. Berwald

Wednesdays at lunch

 Room M-7

We will watch tidbits and clips of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


Math Formulas
Vintage Comic Books

Math Club
Ms. Silva
Thursdays after school
Room M-6

The purpose of the Bret Harte Math Club is to increase students' interests in math, as well as prepare them for math competitions and more complicated math courses. It can also be a place to provide people with homework help.

Cosmic Comic Club
Thursdays after school
Room M-5

Cosmic Comic Club will make comics, meet new friends, and have fun.


Storytellers' Society Club
Ms. Billings
Thursdays after school
Room D-3

Storytellers' Society Club is to give students a platform to improve creative writing skills through short stories, narratives, and poetry.  Goal is to submit a student's work into a magazine at​ the end of the school year. 


Sorry Board Game
Science Class
Technology at School

Board Game Club
Ms. Kalman
Fridays after school in room C-8


The Board Game Club will have it purpose as a new unique club because people rarely play board games, and this club will let you play them more often.


Science Club
Mr. Giomi
Fridays after school in room M-5


To help introduce more students to the wonders of STEM.


Computer Science Club
Mr. Giomi
Tuesdays after school in room M-5


To teach principals of computer science. 

Chess Game

Chess Club

Mr. Wong

Thursdays after school in room D-7

Conduct Chess meets and games for students.

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